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Zagotprom LLC strives to provide its customers with the finest berry products. Our operations comply with the FSSC 22000 product safety management system.
Annual National Award in the field of competition improvement and self-sufficiency with domestic goods and services
Food Safety System Certification 22000
Food Safety System Certification 22000 CIV No. 70623
"Made in Karelia" mark of voluntary certification
Declaration of conformity
Certificate of conformity
Our production cycle
Acceptance of raw materials
Quality control and origin labelling
Shock freezing
Mechanical cleaning and electronic sorting
Visual quality examination and grading
Packing, registration, quality and origin labelling
Checking products with metal detector
Cold storage

Karelia is a unique region of Northern Europe. There are large territories of ecologically clean forests where the northern berries - cloudberries, bilberries, lingonberries, cranberries – grow. Reserved Karelian nature endows berries with all useful properties.

In Karelia berries hand-picking traditions are preserved since ancient times. Our republic is a leader in wild berries harvesting in Russia.

85% Forests

Most Karelian territory is covered with forests: 148 000 km² or 85% of total area. The total forests reserves of all categories and age constitute 807 000 000 m³.

10% Lakes and rivers

Karelia has over 60 000 lakes and swamps that contain about 2 000 km³ of high-quality fresh water.

5% Urban settlements

Towns and villages are situated in a good environment.

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Valio Ltd
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A manufacturer of mass foods, functional foods and semi-finished products for industrial B2B customers
One of the largest Russian manufacturers of confectionery, with a portfolio of over 50 products

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