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A berry manufacturer from Karelia to be reimbursed for equipment acquisition

According to the Ministry, the reimbursement decision was made based on the results of a competitive selection.

“The subsidy that we provided will not only allow us to reimburse the costs incurred by the manufacturer for the purchase of production equipment, but will also contribute to improving the business environment,” said the Ministry’s spokesman.

Zagotprom specialises in the harvesting, mechanical and electronic cleaning of wild berries collected in Karelia. The company has been operating in the berry market since 1999, and has a cleaning line, a modern refrigeration system and a production base.

Head of Karelia Republic Artur Parfenchikov spoke the other day about the business prospects of the wild plant market. The governor described these prospects as “endless”. Entrepreneurs who opt to buy berries from the locals can be rest assured that they will be able to resell these products, no matter how big the volume is, said Karelia’s governor.