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A Karelian company to announce plans for the production of dietary supplements from berries

Zagotprom LLC, a manufacturer of wild berries in Karelia, plans to begin the production of food supplements from berries, said Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Labinov.

“This will involve the deep processing of wild plants. The company plans to manufacture and extract active substances from bilberries, for example, to sell them as food supplements or compounds,” Labinov said in an interview with Karelia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

According to him, the food supplements will be sold predominantly in the EU countries, with a smaller part going to China and, potentially, India.

Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development of Karelia announced its decision to provide Zagotprom LLC with a subsidy that would reimburse part of the equipment acquisition costs in the amount of 1.9 million roubles.

Zagotprom specialises in the harvesting, mechanical and electronic cleaning of wild berries collected in Karelia. The company has been operating in the berry market since 1999, and has a cleaning line, a modern refrigeration system and a production base.

The head of Karelia Republic Artur Parfenchikov outlined the business prospects of the wild plant market at one of the government meetings. The governor described these prospects as “endless”. Entrepreneurs who opt to buy berries from the locals can be rest assured that they will be able to resell these products, no matter how big the volume is, said Karelia’s governor.

Source: Karelia News
Photo by: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS